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Aircraft Leasing

World Star is a full-service aircraft leasing company specializing in late-model, high-quality used commercial aircraft - the
industry segment requiring the highest levels of experience and expertise in aircraft evaluation and lease management. The company's management has leased pre-owned passenger and freight aircraft to more than 100 airlines operating in more
than 60 countries worldwide. World Star's worldwide infrastructure of marketing, technical and business professionals provides unmatched service to its international leasing clients.

In addition to managing leases for its own fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft, World Star also manages aircraft fleets for other owners. Lease management operations include marketing and remarketing of aircraft, contract negotiations, financial and credit risk analysis, administration of lease obligations, insurance, accounting, maintenance services, and aircraft documentation.

Quality Assurance

Before leasing any airplane, World Star's experienced technical team inspects and evaluates each aircraft and then reconditions and upgrades it to meet the most rigorous efficiency and safety standards. These services often include engine overhaul or replacement, strengthening the airframe, installing new parts and upgrading various operating systems.

During the lease, the company monitors the aircraft's regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure its continued compliance with international regulations and country-specific safety requirements. The company will not purchase or lease any aircraft without proper documentation of all changes since the aircraft's initial construction.

Cargo Conversion

World Star is the industry leader in the conversion of widebody passenger aircraft to operationally-efficient cargo carriers. The company's management has converted primarily Boeing 747s, 767-200s, Airbus A310-300s and other widebodies. Narrowbody conversions include Boeing 737s and 757s . In the past we converted 727s as well as McDonald-Douglas DC8s. The company manages the entire process from pickup to delivery, and will upgrade and modify any aircraft to the lessor's specifications. Among World Star's customers are the world leading international cargo airlines and overnight parcel carriers.

The company has special relationships with major conversion facilities, aircraft and engine manufacturers, parts suppliers, cargo system specialists and technical personnel. World Star puts the best of this worldwide network of specialists to work for each of its clients.

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